Friday, December 18, 2015

December - It's All About POH KONG this season ~

My Poh Kong Wishlist ! or maybe my next Self Reward Target!

Back in 2011, I was never such a gold fan. I am more to silvers jewellery. Come to think of it, I couldn't even afford it that time. When the year 2012 came, I was all about gold. My first thought would definitely be Poh Kong! I can't really think of any other name though by that particular time. 

Till this very own 2015 year and it has came to the end of the year itself, I kept rewarding myself a few things every salary pay I received from work. Some of them ends up for gadgets collection. But after each one of it has already in my "already have lists", I move on to buying my self "gold rings, bracelet, pendant, neck chain & next one would be earring.

But my favourite jewellery accesories among all others would be : RINGS!

I can't really have enough rings. It's the combination of satisfaction + joy + achievements + complimentary + beauty + elegance = All in one. That's what Poh Kong meant to me. Those yellow gold rings can always cheer me up with joy and elegance.

Below are my wishlists (Exclusively from Poh Kong)

Never too old for mickey mouse ;)

One of my most favourite for a long time ~

Flowers never fails me, especially when it comes to the yellow gold ring ;D

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