Saturday, December 19, 2015

Sparkling Sensation by Poh Kong ( Poh Kong Year End Festive Collection ) ~

This season ; 

As it's the end of the year 2015, December s the right month to get something for yourself or your loved ones to start the coming new year. As the year 2016 is coming, make it as a compliment, self reward or a precious gift for your loved ones to embrace every moment with something that is joy, exclusive & elegance.

It is " Poh Kong Year End Festive Collection ". Poh Kong offers you a great collection which can make you nor your loved ones happy as this season is the time where we share those memories & upcoming future with the little gift that has a lot of definition & meaning itself.

My Top 3 items from Poh Kong I would love to have ; would definitely be these 3 gorgeous, stunning & elegance collections from the "2015 Year End Festive Collection "

My first top item would be the ;
I love this one the most as it gives me a deep meaning for it's own design. It actually features symmetry of the dragonfly. As we know the dragonfly that they have four STRONG transparent wings. 

Each of their four wings INDEPENDENTLY which gives them their 
flying abilities even though they can't walk with their six legs. 

So, to me dragonfly meant "STRONG" & "INDEPENDENT" it also represents myself being strong and independent woman.

This charm bangle is the glitz & versatile accessory. It's also the signature collection from " 2015 Year End Festive Collection " . My 2nd top item is the perfect gift for me, myself or the loved one's gifts. 

The quirky yet distinctive elements from dragonfly, petite spider & honey bee is expressing ourselves to be more brave, strong, independent that leads to perfection in life. These combination is not just charms but each one represents itself with it's specialties.

With a combination of yellow gold & rose gold, it's something to pamper ourselves with. Just as joy as it's name "MULTIPLE JOY RINGS SERIES", these design are much more simple yet sophisticated. It exude young and lively vibes. 

I choose these two because I do love simple rings but making the statement itself. I can wear this either one or the two combos looks good together too! I love yellow gold, a little bit change for the year end and the coming new year a sparks of rose gold wouldn't do any harm at all. A little change, that's all. Lively and young vibes ~
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“Poh Kong is one of the Clothes Buffet Malaysia Season 3 2016 Main Sponsor”.

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WUNDERBATH.CO >> Wunderlippie ~

I am starting to like the new products out in the market that has more than it offers. Well that times up the benefit that customers or buyers would have. Welcoming and proudly present the Wunderbath - Natural Bath Revolution. 

All of it's product are :
• All natural
• Vegan
• Cruelty free
• Paraben free
• Handmade 
• SLS free

So, what not to love ! 

I met up with it's founder whom is as charming as wunderland. Gorgeous, sweet and of course smart to create this awesome things. Evelyn (you can find her on Instagram @evelynmarieta). 

And as for the it's definitely should be something I'd never say no. I got myself the "wunderlippie" stained lip balm in "wunder woman" & "rogue". My new addiction and definition of healthy and natural looking lips.

The WUNDERLIPPIE in "Rogue & Wunder Woman"

The stained lip balm from Wunderbath.Co

The stained lipbalm swatches

The WUNDERLIPPIE contains:
Rose Hip Oil -Heal
Shea Butter - Moisturing
Vitamin E - Antioxidant

Use as protective base under lipstick, use alone for sheer color and moisture.

Ingredient : 
Shea butter, rice bran oil, rose hip oil, candelila wax,  jojoba oil, vitamin E oil, stevia rebaudiana extract , peppermint oil, +/- mica, titanium dioxide , iron oxides. 

So, what not to love these babies!! 
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Friday, December 18, 2015

December - It's All About POH KONG this season ~

My Poh Kong Wishlist ! or maybe my next Self Reward Target!

Back in 2011, I was never such a gold fan. I am more to silvers jewellery. Come to think of it, I couldn't even afford it that time. When the year 2012 came, I was all about gold. My first thought would definitely be Poh Kong! I can't really think of any other name though by that particular time. 

Till this very own 2015 year and it has came to the end of the year itself, I kept rewarding myself a few things every salary pay I received from work. Some of them ends up for gadgets collection. But after each one of it has already in my "already have lists", I move on to buying my self "gold rings, bracelet, pendant, neck chain & next one would be earring.

But my favourite jewellery accesories among all others would be : RINGS!

I can't really have enough rings. It's the combination of satisfaction + joy + achievements + complimentary + beauty + elegance = All in one. That's what Poh Kong meant to me. Those yellow gold rings can always cheer me up with joy and elegance.

Below are my wishlists (Exclusively from Poh Kong)

Never too old for mickey mouse ;)

One of my most favourite for a long time ~

Flowers never fails me, especially when it comes to the yellow gold ring ;D

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