Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Another baby steps in life.

Hi, dear followers and readers. To be frankly I just can't seem to find the actual right time for me to properly blogging. (My time management sucks though) . Well it's like being a chipsmore "sekejap ada sekejap tak ada - malay language). But it's okay. To me when I get my time to write I'll just go ahead writing for my blog. Sometimes, getting ideas is so difficult I get lost in the moment in front of my laptop trying to find anything that I can do as a source and ideas for my blog. It's so bad a might end up frustrated eating a pint of my favorite ice-cream watching korean drama nor CSI at astro. So, I decided to make a journey for #candysofeanadmdytraveltheworld.

Me and my lil kiddo went to Jakarta around last month. And it was actually my first time being out of Malaysia. Awkward moment when you're a 27 years old mom that've been in a flight before when she was in secondary school for the first time and this is the second time but now she's with her 3 years old child. You can actually feels the excitement like your son is or was that time. LOL.

So, we took the KLM airplanes and it is around 2 hours of flight. The flight was indeed good as I was been served with delicacies for the both return flights. I get to watch the "Love, Rosie" & "Hot Pursuit" during the both flights as well. My son chose to watch "Finding Nemo" but in the end it seems like the nemo finds him in his sleep when he slept just after the plane start flying.

The first night we just went for dinner and went back to hotel and get our rest since we have tons of plans on the next day. We stayed at the ARA HOTEL GADING SERPONG. I love the hotel but to tell more stories about my trip to Jakarta. I'll update soon in my blog for another blogpost!! Stay tuned guys ;)

Candy Sofea
"It's not a Rival, it's Revival"

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