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Breena Beauty - Eye Make Up Essentials

 Well, I love makeup brushes. Like mucho!! But these two from Breena Beauty caught my eyes cuz of it's packaging and product presentation. While supporting dear lil sis a mutual blogger friend I found that these brushes is not only winning the eyes but also the hearts of makeup lovers like me.


Breena Beauty was founded in 2013, by Sabrina Tajudin & Tawfiq Nasir. It's a Muslim friendly and Cruelty Free beauty products. It is made from the finest synthetic fiber that helps to give you the most easiest makeup application anytime and anywhere & working like a pro! The soft synthetic bristles also will prevent from these brushes scratching your skin that can cause allergic reaction.

A lovely Thank You Card from Breena Beauty ~



What did I get for myself were the two eyes essentials. The 
  1. B212 Basic Eyeshadow Brush
  2. B216 Brow Definer Brush


Basic Eyeshadow Brush - The bristles were soft and it works out perfectly on the cream eye shadow, powder and loose powder eyeshadow. 

Brow Definer Brush - This angled small brush helps me my daily routine of make up as brows is now becoming my first priority on the face every time I am doing makeup. I've tried using Breena Beauty brow definer brush with the powder brow shadow for the time being, I haven't use it on the cream type yet but I think it'll work the same as the basic eyeshadow brush too!

Thank you and what I can say is I love these brushes!! I can't wait for the other makeup brushes that's coming up in store soon! 

Much Love ~
Candy | Sofea

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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Teater Muzikal Mak Cun - Mok Cun Teater

Mak Cun satu fenomena baru dalam dunia seni tanah air. Bermula daripada telefilem Spain Uoolss, dibawa kesinambungannya dalam drama bersiri Ajaibnya Cinta, kemudian dengan sekuel berjudul 'Mak Cun' kini ke pentas teater. 

Teater muzikal Mak Cun yang akan mula dipentaskan di Panggung Sari, Istana Budaya dari 14 November 2015 hingga 22 November 2015 ini dibintangi oleh barisan pelakon yang handal di layar dan sudah tentu di teater iaitu Datuk Haji Rahim Razali, Datin Seri Umie Aida, Nora Danish, Balqis Samundur Khan, Ungku Ismail Aziz, Dafi Betty Rahmad serta Erma Fatima sendiri.

13 November 2015, merupakan Malam Gala Teater Muzikal Mak Cun. 

Watak Erma Fatima sebagai Mok Cun, Balkisyh Semundur Khan sebagai Atul memainkan impak yang terbaik dalam teater ini. Tak kurang hebatnya gandingan bersama Datuk Haji Rahim Razali serta pelakon yang memiliki 2.6juta followers di instagram yang pasti dinantikan peminat. Watak Nora Danish walaupun beberapa kali sahaja muncul dalam Teater Muzikal Mak Cun ini namun wataknya masih lagi mampu membangkitkan gelak ketawa yang hangat di dalam pentas panggung Istana Budaya ini apabila Aton membawa pulang teman lelaki "Mat Saleh" ke kampung!

Watak tambahan baru yang dipanggil khas untuk Teater Muzikal, Ungku Ismail Aziz yang sekarang lebih dikenali di dalam slot "Travelling Beruang" membawa watak Haidar dan lakonannya amat memuaskan hati dan membuat penonton tidak kering gusi apatah lagi bergandingan dengan Atul dan kemudian Zeenat Manisah yang mana bertukar selera dari Pak Akob kepada Haidar dan cuba merebut hati jejaka yang digelarnya Abang Sado itu.

Penampilan terakhir khas di hujung cerita pasti mengejutkan dengan kehadiran Fauziah Ahmad Daud atau lebih dikenali sebagai Ogy Ahmad Daud yang membawa watak Combi.

Persoalannya, adakah Mak Cun bersetuju untuk menerima Justin, teman lelaki mat salleh Aton?
Haidar akan memilih Atul atau Zeenat Manisah?
Apakah yang akan dilakukan Combi di akhir teater ini?

Anda perlu menonton dan saksikan sendiri #trendmokcun yang akan membuatkan anda menyesal sekiranya terlepas menonton "Mak Cun" di dalam Teater Muzikal ini.
Tiket bermula dari RM36, RM76, RM86,RM106, RM156 & RM256.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Another baby steps in life.

Hi, dear followers and readers. To be frankly I just can't seem to find the actual right time for me to properly blogging. (My time management sucks though) . Well it's like being a chipsmore "sekejap ada sekejap tak ada - malay language). But it's okay. To me when I get my time to write I'll just go ahead writing for my blog. Sometimes, getting ideas is so difficult I get lost in the moment in front of my laptop trying to find anything that I can do as a source and ideas for my blog. It's so bad a might end up frustrated eating a pint of my favorite ice-cream watching korean drama nor CSI at astro. So, I decided to make a journey for #candysofeanadmdytraveltheworld.

Me and my lil kiddo went to Jakarta around last month. And it was actually my first time being out of Malaysia. Awkward moment when you're a 27 years old mom that've been in a flight before when she was in secondary school for the first time and this is the second time but now she's with her 3 years old child. You can actually feels the excitement like your son is or was that time. LOL.

So, we took the KLM airplanes and it is around 2 hours of flight. The flight was indeed good as I was been served with delicacies for the both return flights. I get to watch the "Love, Rosie" & "Hot Pursuit" during the both flights as well. My son chose to watch "Finding Nemo" but in the end it seems like the nemo finds him in his sleep when he slept just after the plane start flying.

The first night we just went for dinner and went back to hotel and get our rest since we have tons of plans on the next day. We stayed at the ARA HOTEL GADING SERPONG. I love the hotel but to tell more stories about my trip to Jakarta. I'll update soon in my blog for another blogpost!! Stay tuned guys ;)

Candy Sofea
"It's not a Rival, it's Revival"

Super Mom Stylish Kiddo - Candy Sofea & Mylildanish

Together we stand : Rival Revival ~



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Travelling Essentials

Soap & Glory : Clean On Me creamy clarifying shower gel & The Righteous Butter body moisturizer in Travel Size
For keeping your skin moisturized, fresh and smells nice after shower and through out all day heat~

Lactacyd for feminine hygiene in travel size
To keep you feels fresh and comfortable~

AVON facial wash, day cream, night cream & eye cream.
Your face need the extra protection too. The facial wash, day cream, night cream & not forgotten eye cream. All transfered in the empty travel kit storage~

The contact lens travel kit case.

REXONA ! This is crucial okay!!

The must have Drop Dead Gorgeous Dry Shampoo & The Coco Friggin Fantastic Liptint 


My first Nars Haul !!
It's the
NARS Fond De Teint Illuminateur Transparent - Sheer Glow Foundation

Medium 1 : Punjab Sheer Glow ~

Nars ~

A must get!! The Edited Leather & Essa Ivy Baby Spoons by Essa.Co

I happened to get addicted to instagram online shopping lately. But each times a something that is really  has that exclusivity such as name engraving, custom name personalizing and such definitely catches my eyes and heart oh and the $ of course.

You have to get these Essa.Co The Edited Leather for yourself and if you happen to have a lil kiddo like me I suggest the Essa Ivy Baby Spoons.

Essa.Co The Edited Leather

Essa.Co The Edited Leather

They have the 

Essa Ivy Baby Spoons

Set of 4: SGD 55 / MYR 155
Set of 2: SGD 29 / MYR 82 

Check out their Instagram by clicking belowEssa.Co

To order: 
WA: +60122829519 |

LOREAL MALAYSIA - L'Oréal Paris Fall Resist 3X series

My saviour!
Do you know how much womens (and mens) spend their money on their hair? Well, on my side I'd have to say a lot!! I've been trying so many syampoo brands for my scalp care, dandruff, hairfall, damaged hair... It does getting me more stressful on finding the right product that suits me well. I used to be a free hair before wearing hijab (back in teenagers age), I've dyed my hair, rebonding, highlights and such. The results, it turns out my hair were damaged like seriously. 
I've tried sooo many products like the drug store shampoo products, hair saloon shampoo products. It just didnt work! 

So, I tried the Loreal Nutri Gloss - Mirror Shine Shampoo. Where I got that healthy shiny hair along with my Loreal Smooth Intense - Caring Shampoo. Completing the set with it's conditioner, and serum. Well, it has survived my bad hair days for years. I get the awful hair lost after delivering my son 3 years ago till now. Yet I still use Loreal Hair Products as it does help. Only one thing, that hair fall doesn't seem to getting better. It's just sustain with it's glossy shine and no split ends. 

Until, this new baby come out. Exactly when I need, it's the LOREAL PARIS FALL RESIST 3X SERIES!! I took their 15 days challenge. These are their product range ~


L'Oreal Paris Fall Resist 3X Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo

Price: RM15.90 

Usage Purpose: Nourishes The Roots, Reduces Breakage, Hair Grows Stronger 

How to Use: Massage gently into wet scalp/hair, lather. Then rinse. 

L'Oreal Paris Fall Resist 3X Anti-Hair Fall Conditioner

Price: RM19.90 

Usage Purpose: Nourishes The Roots, Reduces Breakage, Hair Grows Stronger 

How to Use: Post shampooing, spread through the lengths of the hair right to the tips. Massage gently and then rinse.

Name: L'Oreal Paris Fall Resist 3X 1 Minute Treatment Mask

Price: RM27.90 

Usage Purpose: Nourishes The Roots, Reduces Breakage, Hair Grows Stronger 
How to Use: Once a week, post shampooing a masque can be used as an alternate to conditioner. Apply generously through the lengths of the hair. Leave for one minute for intensive treatment, then rinse.

Name: L'Oreal Paris Fall Resist 3X Tonic

Price: RM24.90 

Usage Purpose: Nourishes The Roots, Reduces Breakage, Hair Grows Stronger 

How to Use: For a full-head application use one dose of tonic according to the scale. Gently massage the scalp with your fingers to activate micro-circulation. This tonic can be applied on dry as well as damp hair. Do not rinse.


"It's not just a rival, it's revival"

Anew Ultimate Multi Performance Range

Introducing Anew Ultimate Multi Performance by AVON

Experience the luxury formula with celluvive complex and dramatically diminish the look of key multiple signs of aging with 10 remarkable visible results: smooth texture, skin clarity, even skin tone, fine lines & deep wrinkles diminished, moisturization, natural volume, resilience, improved discoloration, firmness & lifted skin.

It has 3 (three) range of products.
i) Anew Ultimate Day Multi-Performance Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 25 Sunscreen.
ii) Anew Ultimate Night Multi-Performance Cream
iii) Anew Ultimate Multi-Performance Eye System

Let's start with the day cream 
Anew Ultimate Day Multi-Performance Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 25 Sunscreen.

In 3 days, gives skin a firmer and more cushioned appearance all day*.

Next, we'll go to the night cream
Anew Ultimate Night Multi-Performance Cream

Overnight, skin looks and feels replenished and firmer*.

Last but not least,
Anew Ultimate Multi-Performance Eye System

Instantly, eyes look tighter and virtually lifted*

100% of women, over time, showed an improvement in the look of key signs of aging: texture, clarity, uneven skin tone and overall fine wrinkles**.

*Based on a consumer-perception study. 
**Based on a clinical study

Official website : Avon Official Website

Let's #iuseavon #cunbyavonmy #avonmy

Candy | Sofea