Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A must get!! The Edited Leather & Essa Ivy Baby Spoons by Essa.Co

I happened to get addicted to instagram online shopping lately. But each times a something that is really  has that exclusivity such as name engraving, custom name personalizing and such definitely catches my eyes and heart oh and the $ of course.

You have to get these Essa.Co The Edited Leather for yourself and if you happen to have a lil kiddo like me I suggest the Essa Ivy Baby Spoons.

Essa.Co The Edited Leather

Essa.Co The Edited Leather

They have the 

Essa Ivy Baby Spoons

Set of 4: SGD 55 / MYR 155
Set of 2: SGD 29 / MYR 82 

Check out their Instagram by clicking belowEssa.Co

To order: 
WA: +60122829519 |

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