Wednesday, May 6, 2015

NYX Lipsticks swatches

Hi, it's May 2015. Well I have been really busy with works, family duties and some other matter. Now here's a short comeback to start. These are my NYX lipsticks collection. In a few shades I love the most. 

 I love the textures, the finishing colours on the lips in each and its own colour choices. I t represents the mood and yeah of course. Attire and events.

The colour lists from left :

                                                        1. LSS612 : LALA
                                                        2. LSS536 : EROS EROS
                                                        3. LSS628 : TEA ROSE

Above are the lipsticks swathes followed by the number sequence. 
My most favourite colour is red. So, EROS EROS is definitely my first option.
Feelin Taylor Swift on Red Tour baby!

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