Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sticky Candy with love~

Well, I think you guys can guess right? Why I was nicknamed as Candy Sofea? This was one of the reason. Candy was becaouse I love candies so much. (No worry I don't have any teeth problems, atleast for now not yet.. lol) Sofea was my last name Wan Zarith Sofea. So that was the Candy Sofea part.

I am going to show this cutie ~

So tempting delicious candy. Colourful.

So, this were the candies as the freshly taken out from the jar.

The best thing is, you can express your feeling through this. Lovely isn't it?

Where to get them? 
Most of shopping complex in Kuala Lumpur have them. Mid Valley, One Utama, Pavilion KL and more.

How much and what size of packaging?
Large bottles are priced at RM19.90 each.
Small mix are priced at RM16.90 eachSmall single flavor are priced at RM14.50

For more info, check out their 
Website :
Facebook page : 

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  1. org pn ske gile ng candy ni.. nsib da ade kt jb skrg.. sng dpt,,, hehe... love sticky candy... <3