Thursday, August 21, 2014

Furby and Sugar by Januar Haikal

Have you ever heard of the Furby & Sugar phenomenon??? It's the trend now. All the exclusive yet affordable to get. Furby and Sugar were one of the passion that Mr. Januar Haikal shared and spread the love. That kinda love that we're dying to put them on and wear them proudly. There are the orked, the gold project and more.

Since I love jacket, sweater and sweatshirt so much. I said I wanna grab the gold project sweat shirt in black cause I will totally in love with it. So, here it is.



And wanna know the other reason I loveeeeeeeeeee Furby and Sugar mucho???
It was because of the packaging. So, exclusive. With Thank You card, the box and paper bag (I'm a collector)

Tadaaaaaaa ~

The box

Thank you card

This is how I put it up.



And guess what, he gave me a gift (cause I bought some other for a birthday present)

The shirts packaging

Yeay!! The Orked!!

And this is how I wore it ~

I love all of them. Wish could have each designs.

For orders and enquiries please go to their website. Don't forget.. To spread the love, loves!

Candy Sofea