Sunday, April 6, 2014

Exclusive designs for pillow lovers ♡

Hi dear readers and followers. I just want to share to you. As a pillow collectors or pillow lover like I am, I just cant handle pillows or cushions that have gorgeous or awesome (or even cute) designs. So here it is, I am sharing to you. An awesome designer whom create bfa by ben firdaus azraai's exclusive pillow or you can also call it as a cushions. The first time I take a look at it, I happened to fall in love with it. Super love them. Wish could have them all. Lols. So here are some pictures of designs specially made for bfa by ben firdaus azraai.

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  1. i follow u, ayit...hehe.. sje bru2 wt blog... haha.. xreti pn gune blog...