Friday, March 21, 2014

Topshop Lipstick Haul

Hi everyone. I know it has been ages since my last post about make up & review. So, here lads. You know what. I love Topshop clothing BUT hey, that's not all. They do come in other range as well. Makeups. The only thing I got attracted to were their lipsticks. Gosh. I love code : beehive but sadly they were always out of stocks and were one of their best seller lipstick color. So, instead of crying of disappointment not getting what I want, I bought two of Topshop lipsticks. These two were on promotion. I get a value buy on these two. So,likely its worth it. Here we go...Tadaaaa..


The color codes are : All About Me and Innocent

 Code color All About Me is a matte finish lipstick
Code color Innocent is a velvet finish lipstick

All about me

 Swatched. From left All About Me and on the right is Innocent

I love these two lipstick. One (All about me) brings out the daringly bold pink on me and the other one (Innocent) brings out the nude pink likely brings out the sweet yet looking innocent in me...

So,that's all for my Topshop Makeup Haul... Till then..
xoxo, Candy Sofea