Saturday, February 8, 2014

Life as in the February

Life is more than just all you say as living. Life is all the love, the pain, the sacrifice, the sadness, the happiness. Well, to me. Life is everything. All the days you go through, all the things you went through... It all takes only one word. Decision. Yeah. Its all about the decision making. It could affect almost everything. Everything in your life. Just by one decision, it can lead you to either bad nor good path.

So, as the decision will be made, let all your mind be at ease, so that you can think clearly and no emotions will undertake those decisions making. Well to be frankly, in my opinion it is ok if you make mistakes. Cause usually people do learn the best out of their mistakes. But some people, if they are keep repeating those mistakes. It means that they doesn't learn from those mistakes. Either they are not aware or maybe they already get used to making mistakes again and again.

My life and my decisions making has been affect my life circle. I admit I do learnt mostly from the mistakes. But yet sometimes it makes me think twice when it comes to making decisions. Nowaday lots of things has been going in my mind.

Let me say, my life now is full with things that I think I can't handle it all alone. I do need my parents and the people that accept and love me for me. The people I know they are not pretending. The people whom understands me, being supportive, can make me feel at ease, and of course be with me through ups and downs. Whom feels the pain I am through, whom lend me their shoulders and give me hugs when I really need one. Those will be my parents and also my friends whom are like family to me. These people is never full of pretences like others I met.

This post basically not a fashion,beauty,lifestyle,dining or tips n tricks posts. This is basically just something to share. As it is my  blog tagline. Thats all for now dear readers.

Something to share,
Candy | Sofea

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