Friday, February 14, 2014

Harum Malam by Legacy Secrets.

Harum Malam is a supplement drink. At first I wasn't confident enough to use it, as I am not aware of this product. But as I was thinking again, there's no harm trying it as I've go through all the ingredients, and it seems convincing. Guess what? It actually works for me. I am quite parched as I am using mentality and physically in my job field. Also such a field will affect me to bit stress and depressed. A few days of trying it was basically nothing much. But, after a week and half... I do feel much more good emotions, I can be as calm as I can, I am full with energy, also it helps me through my period circular. So, it's a never regret of  trying product and a definitely my new favourite supplement.

Super love this product. So, to dear readers and followers. You can go through below given link (such as website, facebooks, instagram to purchase this awesome product. Also, their contact no.

P/S: Please becareful with the fake one for this product. FYI, their cap is now pink. As there's too much fake ones at the markets. So be aware. I suggest you use the given links below. Hope these might helps.


FACEBOOK :          

INSTAGRAM : @Harummalam_official

CONTACT NO : 016-4460677 ( whatsapp, wechat, sms, call )

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