Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Being super awesome! The best of 2013 comin for 2014.

Hye everyone... I know it has been sometime I haven't updated any blogpost. It has been a very busy (not day or week) but month! My year 2013 ends with settling with all my studies and some other stuff. So, my new year starts perfectly ( I hope it'll last like forever). I got a new job. A job field that I have been dying for to tryin' out and conquer. Marketing and PR for my dear sister's boutique, Yzl Fashion Gallery. (which I am also their official boutique Model). She sparks up my year with something that I love to do. God bless her. Yet, here goes my journey. I got a long way to go... So, here I put along my most fav pictures for the year 2013.

Hijabista Magazine "From runway to street wear" 

Hijabista Magazine "Biasan Mewah Opal"

KLFW Rico Rinaldi at Pavillion Kuala Lumpur

Dr. Marten

Dr. Marten

Candy | Sofea

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