Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Ladies!! Wardrobe???Theraphy?? Harus BACA! :P

Ha, tu tagline kite pada hari ini.. Lads usually face this prob.. (I think guys too.. lols).

Bila bukak jer lemari.. Lahai.. Apo den nak pakai nih.. Memang nak kena lempang laju2..  Ni makan nye!! Hahahaha... Padahal baju mak ai.. Selambak.. Tu nama nya penyakit tak ada ubat.. Ubat nye (katanya lah) shopping.. Shopping mopping le smpai poket kering kontang.. Bile nak makan, lepak ngan kengkawan.. Kata diet.. Padahal $$$ dah terbang melayang.. Makan jela brg yg dh shopping mopping tuh..

 But to be honest.. I do face the exact same problem.. Bukak je lemari dua pintu tu tenung dekat setengah jam.. Apa nak pakai ni.. Last2 sarung jeans and carik baju n tudung yang tak payah iron.. Setel, pening nak fikir pasal baju. Pepagi boleh stress makan yang akan mengakibatkan makan nasi lemak 3 bungkuih..( Tapi tak gemok2, nak buek camno jang. metabolism rate den tinggi).

 Kalau kite ni camtu.. macam mana la ngan retis and public figure eh? Takkan nak pakai baju sama je.. Agaknya kalau time pilih baju tu cmno la rupe dorg kan.. Haha.. I can't image that.. Seriously... Boleh gelak sengsorang..  Yang conpem msti baju dorang kalah den ni ha.. (almari saya satu je k..tu pun bukan baju saya sorang...) I meant for the time being.. Lepas ni tak tahu lah..

My therapy is usually keluar.. hang-out jumpa orang.. Tak payah shopping-shopping. I can just do like this.. Naik tren g kl ke mana2 ke.. jalan2, makan, cuci otak. Pastu balik.. Kengkadang karok.. (Kalau ade genglah) Tak pun movie marathon.. Tgk dvd lepas satu cite satu cite lagi.. Sampai boleh lakonkan lah semula watak cite tu..

So, kesimpulannya... Tak dek kesimpulan.. Pepandailah korang fikir sendiri.. Hahahaha... Ini akibatnya bila idea tak datang bergolek.. Dia datang  melompat dalam otak... That's all... Until next post..

*pictures sources are from Google Images.

Yang bener (bukan typo ye..bukan yang benar..mmg yang bener)
Gula-gula | Sofea

Benefit Kits Product Review - Primping with the stars kit & Cabana Glama Kit

Hi, as you've read and seen my previous entry about the items I won myself during Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia Mini Blogging Contest. So now I am going to show you clearer view of the two kits I got which is the "Primping With The Starts" & the "Cabana Glama".

Let's start with the Primping with the stars kit.
This is how the outside of the box lookin'

These were what's inside the kit's box. 6 items :
  1. Stay don't stray
  2. Some kinda gorgeous
  3. Benetint
  4. Porefessional
  5. Girl meets pearl
  6. They're real mascara
For more clearer view of the inside items. Look below. ;)

Stay don't stray

Some kinda gorgeous



Girl meets pearl

They're real mascara.

Next, here are the "Cabana Glama" kit
This is how the outside of the box lookin'

These were what's inside the kit's box. 6 items :

  1. Some kinda gorgeous.
  2. Eyeshadow pallete  (peach fizz, bronze buzz & cocoa pizzazz)
  3. Double ended sponge applicator
  4. Hoola blusher
  5. Blusher's brush
  6. Posietint
 For more clearer view of the inside items. Look below. ;)

Some kinda gorgeous

Eyeshadow Palettes
From left : (peach fizz, bronze buzz & cocoa pizzazz)

Hoola blusher


Small makeup tools :
Blusher's brush & double ended sponge applicator.

That's all for now. Here a new video for u guys to enjoy! 
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Artsphere 20/8ty Grand Launching!

Hi, everyone. My dear readers.. I just want to share the event I attended last week's sunday which was on the 22nd of December 2013. It was the grand launching of The Atmosphere in Seri Kembangan. 

As I've told in my previous blogpost. It is a new shopping area and they have invited 20 international and local artists to paint 80 mural arts in the area. These murals are special because they are 3D and interactive. It is Malaysia's most diverse collection of 3D murals. I am so lucky to experience it, as they've invited me to their grand launching.

As I've experienced myself there, they were the best 3D murals I ever seen before.. It's indeed spectacular. I'm pretty sure I don't have any skills like that. (Lols). To be frankly, I'll be definitely will be going there again. But these time I'll bring more family and friend along so that they'll experience themselves!  

* macam garang jer, macam besar je, macam poyo je..hahahahah

Sorry...Haha.. So, where were we.. Oh yeah....So, here are the pictures around the event and the venue. Enjoy!!

Around the launching of "Artsphere" Seri Kembangan at The Atmosphere :

*during the launching ceremony.. 

 *awesome violin play and awesome team there. with all the costumes and dances and music..i'll upload a short video during this show, this also is the flashmob! An awesome one..

*20 International & Local Artist. Above are all 20 artist featuring, Haze Long, Michy, Richard Van Kat, Emmalynn Yam, Mono, Cloakwork, Angle Ng, Lim Anuar, Candy Tan, Anokayer, Sattama, The Sliz, Eaves, Andrew T Crum, Escape Va, Kangblabla, Fuad Shah, Shien Sim, Chekri Mansor and Kenzy is Noyz.


 *These are some of the mural arts at the Artsphere Seri Kembangan. I do adore their works. murals looks so alive and real.

With dear blogger friends at the event (from left) Sabby PrueCharmne Pua Li Ping, Innanieariff, Kiflimally

So, that all for this blog post. I'll definitely be going again. Also, just letting you know, Photo contest starts NOW! 

Fabulous prizes to be won! Visit Artsphere 20/8ty and strike a pose with one of our 80 pieces of amazing mural art & post it with your creative caption. Log in for more info. T&C apply. This is the links to enter the contest (just click at the image, it'll lead you to the link for entering the contest.

Strike A Post

P/S :
Check out Artsphere 20/8ty facebook and website page at below given link. 

Website :

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Being super awesome! The best of 2013 comin for 2014.

Hye everyone... I know it has been sometime I haven't updated any blogpost. It has been a very busy (not day or week) but month! My year 2013 ends with settling with all my studies and some other stuff. So, my new year starts perfectly ( I hope it'll last like forever). I got a new job. A job field that I have been dying for to tryin' out and conquer. Marketing and PR for my dear sister's boutique, Yzl Fashion Gallery. (which I am also their official boutique Model). She sparks up my year with something that I love to do. God bless her. Yet, here goes my journey. I got a long way to go... So, here I put along my most fav pictures for the year 2013.

Hijabista Magazine "From runway to street wear" 

Hijabista Magazine "Biasan Mewah Opal"

KLFW Rico Rinaldi at Pavillion Kuala Lumpur

Dr. Marten

Dr. Marten

Candy | Sofea