Saturday, December 21, 2013

Artsphere 20/8ty

Calling out for arts lover out there..or if you don't have any plans going around this Sunday how about if you come and join us! Free admission!

It is the grand launching of The Atmosphere in Seri Kembangan. It is a new shopping area and they have invited 20 international and local artists to paint 80 mural arts in the area. These murals are special because they are 3D and interactive. It is Malaysia's most diverse collection of 3D murals

Let's experience the best 3D murals at  Artsphere 20/8ty

I'll be Heading to Artsphere 20/8ty this Sunday to see all the 3D and Interactive murals yehaaa! There's also a photography contest with prizes worth RM15,000! #artsphere208ty

Here are the video for the awesome Artsphere 208ty Preview. 

*Just click at the image it'll lead you to the video directly

It's really an awesome and fun place to be. I just can't wait to be there and can't wait to check out the mural arts. Counting days.

Check out Artsphere 20/8ty facebook and website page at below given link. 

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