Saturday, November 2, 2013

Rouge Dior Lipstick - Natalie Portman

Rouge is the colour of Dior, 
Rouge is the colour of power, 
Rouge is the colour of revolution, 
Rouge is the colour of passion. 

Rouge has been the symbol for feminine empowerment. Inspired by timeless archetypes of beauty, Christian Dior created in 1953 a revolutionary couture lipstick : Rouge Dior.

I went to Sephora Starhill and while laying my eyes on some of the makeup wishlists, I saw one of the Sephora promoter was promoting the new Rouge Dior Lipstick and I volunteered myself to be their model for them to test up the lipstick. I wore the Rouge Dior Lipstick in 999, and guess what I got myself..? A little gift from Sephora I receive a luxurious Rouge Dior sample card containing all 4 star shades.


I super love the 999 & Grege. Red is for sexy passionate lips and Grege is bare nude lips. Those shades is  definitely a must have! Thank you Sephora. Much Love..

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