Friday, October 11, 2013

I Love Sale By Herika

Okay, I do love sale. (I meant who doesn't...? Practically everyone love sale. Lower price items, reductions, discounts etc. It can really drive us in unstated condition. (crazy over sales). "I Love Sale By Herika" is one of my trusted online shop for Original Branded items (perfumes & bags). 

But for me, I love her perfumes collection. Honestly, I am not a fan of perfume or perfumes. I only have one favorite perfume. Pure Seduction by Victoria Secret. One bottle I can actually lasts for a year & this is my second year (which is my second bottle) of Victoria Secret Pure Seduction. Untill I saw a perfume from my all time favourite international artist "Avril Lavigne" from her IG. I was drooling and how I wish to get my hands over it. Herika herself posted me a birthday gift a few days after my birthday which is on 26th September. I was so happy and even more when I opened up the parcel and box and I saw... "Black Star perfume by Avril Lavigne". I was actually jumped up and cried happily. ( I did cried, I was so suprised and touched). It's smells so awesome I felt like Avril already... Lols. These we're the pictures for my new fav.

The gift comes with a card.. :) 

Taraaa... Z Perfume... I super duper love it!

I love sale by Herika has a lot to offer. Now I am aiming for more perfumes collection. Avril Lavigne Forbidden Rose Gift Set, Taylor by Taylor Swift, Taylor Swift Enchanted Wonderstruck, Taylor Swift Wonderstruck, and more Victoria Secret Pure Seduction Gift Set. In wishlist!!

P/S : Thank you darling Eyka.. <3 Cause of you now I do love perfumes more and yet  to be collected...

For others to purchase you can either go to her Facebook page or Instagram. Click below link

Facebook : / I LOVE SALE by Herika
Instagram : / @ilovesalebyherika

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