Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Hi, everyone.. I think you've may or may not read my previous post which are related to Cathydoll products.
This one is related post link .
So, basically this is what I am going to show you.. More details and images about the products I've received from Cathy Doll House...

These we're overall I got from Cathy Doll House

Cathy Doll 2 in 1 eyeliner & mascara. 
For the eyeliner ; It's flexible brush makes the application more smooth and easy to apply  either thick or thin line. 
For the mascara ;  It contains collagen to thickening the lashes and jojoba oil to moisturizes them.

This are Cathy Doll Romantic Lip Shea Stick in strawberry shortcake. 

Cathy Doll L-Glutathione Magic Cream. It's whitening, pore tightening with UV A/B/C Protection to your skin. Best apply on body skin. It works like yeah... "MAGIC"! My skin whitens once I applied it on my hands. This is a must have. Like really must have. Instant skin whitening.

Cathy Doll Travel Set Makeup Brush. If you're always on the go and you are a person that does need brushes to apply you make up. This is the thing you need. Comes in a cute and petite zipped case. With 5 basic small brushes. Blusher brush, eye shadow brush, blending brush, small angled brush and a lip brush to complete your makeup application..

Anyway, to purchase..please visit links given below.. Thank you~

Cathy Dolls House

Contact owner : 019-4548048


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    1. I know right. So does the color. Now in collection ada 3 dah different color of this lipstick...More to collect..Yeay....!! Haha