Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia - September Babes Bloggers

Hi everyone... Referring to the titles and this entry itself. I actually keep it to the originality. Lols... So this entry is about my fav high-end makeup product BENEFIT. Around last week I received an email from "Iris Loong" that I was invited to an event by BENEFIT. It was an event for September Birthday Babes. Also, I got to bring along 5 friends with me. So, I invited my other friends who made it on that day. Some blogger friends Raja Suefina (My beloved girlfriend,she's a hot mom and so sweet), Sabrina Tajuddin (lil sis which is also a beauty blogger), my bff since childhood Zahidah (Za) .Lucky me, I got an exclusive invitation by my Favorite Makeup Brand "BENEFIT". It is one of the best birthday present ever! A dream and wish came true. But during that day, I arrived a bit late so I've missed the candle blowing and magicians. 

This was what they emailed me
Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia cordially invites you to celebrate your birth month together with Benefit Cosmetics!
Benefit and its first ever standalone boutique in Malaysia share the same birth month (wink) as you and they’re throwing a birthday party filled with fun and laughter just for selected bloggers who’re September babies. There’ll be a sneak preview of our new product and a magician too (we all love magician, no?)! Also, you may bring 5 friends along!
Cool right..? Yeah, I know..
So, below shown is during the events. It's so happening.

Date   : Saturday, 28th September 2013
Time   : 10am – 12pm
Venue  : Benefit’s Boutique, 1 Utama Shopping Center.

Let's see around the event's happenings..

 Benefit and Balloons 

"Sorry we're closed for a private party. Please come back after 12.00 pm"

September Babe (Me of course)

With me (my dear friends) From left ; Raja Suefina, Zahidah @ Za, Me @ Candy Sofea & Sabrina Tajudin

Let me introduce you to ; Chloe. The friendly staff that entertains me for the day and give me a gorgeous touch of make over. (Hey, I do look pweety in BENEFIT and she really did a great job)

She's good and  I looked great!

These were their new product launching. "Gimme Brow" an eye brow mascara which is so magical.

Okay ladies. This is Iris Loong. Petite right..? She's so sweet.. Sadly so "fleeting" meeting her... And wearing the "birthday girl" sash suddenly make me feels like I'm wearing the Miss Universe sash. (perasan sekejap)

This is the cake.. To tell the truth.. it's too cute and pretty and I don't plan of eating it... pretty....

 Goodies and birthday presents I received from the event. Treasures of BENEFITS!!

Image of some products offered from BENEFITS. So, loads of choices and beauty junkies!

These are their brow waxing services counter.

Precious Mine

Video around the event~