Thursday, October 3, 2013

Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia - It's the benefits of BENEFIT baby

Hi dear readers.. It's not taking quite a long time for me to post my entry since my two last posts about Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia's Event . The reason was I am too excited to show all of you what's inside those goodies and presents I received during that day of event. So, below are the pictures and details for the products I've received.

An Arcylic Storage. It comes with a lid that has a mirror an a drawer. Comes with Core-Color products from BENEFIT and a Gimme Brow. See... I can use the arcylic storage to keep all my BENEFITS make up. Like all! Plenty room for them... :)
A paper bag with a free brow wax, BENEFIT notebook and a Sugarbomb lipgloss 6.5ml

Ultra Plush Lip Gloss (1), Gimme Brow (1), Longwear powder shadow (2), Creaseless cream (1)

Ultra Plush Lip Gloss in A-LISTER colour. It's sort of baby pink / candy pink color once I swatch it on my wrist. Put it on your lips you're going to be in "A-LISTER"

Two longwear power shadow in Kiss Me, I'm Tipsy and Quick, Look Busy colour. One creaseless cream in My Two Cents colour. All the color are super cool. Gorgeous. To be frankly I can use them in day or even night. I guess that the "benefit" ladies...

Gimme Brow in Medium Deep colour. It's a brow mascara. Easy to apply and to bring anywhere. Brows do magically appear..That's the benefit of Gimme Brow~

Thanks to Benefit Cosmetics especially Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia for these darlings. I'll treasure them.  There is a lot of benefits in BENEFIT of course.

XOXO, Candy | Sofea

Here, along with this entry I give u a Video Haul from above items in this entry

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