Friday, October 11, 2013

Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia - Benefit Touring

Hi everyone. This is my 4th posts related to Benefit Event as this below were the link of the 3 other posts.

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So, this is the 4th posts (actually it was the 5th if I count it along my fake up by benefit post). If you've read all the above posts. It'll lead you to this one. It's the touring around that day of the Event. Benefit is the best high-end makeup product ever. They're best in concealing, brows, makeup kits and much more! So, here's some of the pictures I took around the touring..

The product they we're launching that particular day. It's gimme brow!

It's The Core Color ; Longwear powder shadow and creaseless cream shadow. It's basically their eye shadows that comes in two different forms which is in powder pact form and cream based form. So, as you can see..there's a lot of different shades there. 12 differents shades for the longwear powdershadow and 10 different shades of creaseless cream shadow.

Their Ultra Plush Lip gloss which actually comes in 6 different colour.

Their eye kits in 3 different shades. Big beautiful eyes, Peek-a-bright eyes and Smokin' eyes.

Middle : How To Look THE BEST at EVERYTHING. It comes in 3 different kits based on skin tone and complexion.
Besides : On the left are Benetint a lip and cheek stain for rose looking lip and cheek. Meanwhile on the right are Posietint a lip and cheek stain to look poppy pink.

These are the PORE fessional. Its PRO balm to minimize the appearances of pores.

There's a these and that. Some of their top and best sellers. These we're on my targets. Wish me luck...

That's all for now. Till next post. I will give you the products price range (in MYR). So, stay tuned.

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