Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia - Benefit One Utama Outlet 1st Anniversary celebrating with September Baby Bloggers & Friends

Okay, actually I've posted before an entry about the event. But that was basically all about what I expressed during the event. I was a bit late and there's loads of fun and excitement I've missed. But still, my arrival is welcomed and I am well entertained. So, these are the pictures from Benefit Malaysia Cosmetics Facebook page.

An exclusive event. Love Benefit!

The magician. Kapowow!! (I missed to see this. But I bet it's gotta be awesome.)

Registration. Okaay now you can see how devoted they are.. (^_^)

The gorgeous birthday cake. (It was the prettiest birthday cake I ever had. Like seriously)

Their new product launching. Gimme Brow. A brow mascara which works out perfectly like wand. Just apply on your eyebrow then, taraaa... It magically appears..

The delicious and mouth watering desserts.. 

September Babes Bloggers. (Well I wish I can make it into this portrait. Sadly (T T). I wish I were there.. 

But hey! Iris Loong as the photographer doesn't let me down. She took a picture of me. It's so precious I feel like to print this picture out, Put it in A white frame. And put it beside my makeups on my makeup desk. Which now most of my makeup product are from BENEFIT. To be honest, I actually felt like I was their official face. Yeah, like the official face of Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia (perasan & berangan) . Coz I rocked the look using their product. Lols. "Perasan"... again..

Okay, that's all for this entry post. Will have more entries about Benefit Cosmetics.
XOXO, Candy | Sofea

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