Sunday, October 20, 2013

CNC EVENT - Makeup & Fashion Event

This may has been past for around a week or two. Last 28th of September I held an event. It's a "Makeup & Fashion event". The fees was from RM180. Then we change the fees to RM100/Pax. So, basically this event is more to hijabers. (Women's in hijabs). We have a makeup class, hijab stail tutorial. This was my first time creating for makeup sort of event. I do have lots of lack but some of experience. All participants that attend was around 18 from 20 (the 2 participants has their own emergencies last minute). I get 80% good feedback and another less 20% otherwise. The 20% was out from my mistakes since it was my first time. But I do take their advices. It'll improve me in next event. Learning from mistakes is the best. So, these we're some pictures around the event and below were the details. Anyway, I love thew participants. Thank you for being nice, sporting and gorgeous babes! They're like sisters to me.. Cherish them..

Date : 28th September 2013
Day : Saturday
Time : 10.00am-3.00pm

These were some of the picture for the event...

Venue : Dura Fashion House Of Beauty

Event !

Wearing their "gorgeous" buttons. 

With all the participants and makeup artists.

Freestyle shoot!!


Inside the goodie bag

Custom Hand Made Hijab Pins By Eyecandybycakeworm

Accesories by Luffmoomoo

Assorted quality Bawal Square Hijab by NR Murni Fashion

My dear lovely participants.. <3

Friday, October 11, 2013

Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia - Benefit Touring

Hi everyone. This is my 4th posts related to Benefit Event as this below were the link of the 3 other posts.

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So, this is the 4th posts (actually it was the 5th if I count it along my fake up by benefit post). If you've read all the above posts. It'll lead you to this one. It's the touring around that day of the Event. Benefit is the best high-end makeup product ever. They're best in concealing, brows, makeup kits and much more! So, here's some of the pictures I took around the touring..

The product they we're launching that particular day. It's gimme brow!

It's The Core Color ; Longwear powder shadow and creaseless cream shadow. It's basically their eye shadows that comes in two different forms which is in powder pact form and cream based form. So, as you can see..there's a lot of different shades there. 12 differents shades for the longwear powdershadow and 10 different shades of creaseless cream shadow.

Their Ultra Plush Lip gloss which actually comes in 6 different colour.

Their eye kits in 3 different shades. Big beautiful eyes, Peek-a-bright eyes and Smokin' eyes.

Middle : How To Look THE BEST at EVERYTHING. It comes in 3 different kits based on skin tone and complexion.
Besides : On the left are Benetint a lip and cheek stain for rose looking lip and cheek. Meanwhile on the right are Posietint a lip and cheek stain to look poppy pink.

These are the PORE fessional. Its PRO balm to minimize the appearances of pores.

There's a these and that. Some of their top and best sellers. These we're on my targets. Wish me luck...

That's all for now. Till next post. I will give you the products price range (in MYR). So, stay tuned.

DIY - Plastic bags (How to tidying up plastic bags clutters)

How to tydying up plastic bags clutters. Usually u keep all the plastic bag you've got from supermarkets or groceries stores and keep it in a box or a plastic dispenser which you can get from IKEA. Like this below image.

*image taken from

Then u stuffed the plastics bags in it... Just like this..

*image taken from

Until it is fully loaded like this!

*image taken from

Here's a solution to keep those plastic bags and make it much more compact. Plus save more spaces. Here's how.. Just follow the steps! 

But if you doesn't really seem to get it.. Here's a video. (But please ignore those tired panda eyes pale face. I looked horrible )

I Love Sale By Herika

Okay, I do love sale. (I meant who doesn't...? Practically everyone love sale. Lower price items, reductions, discounts etc. It can really drive us in unstated condition. (crazy over sales). "I Love Sale By Herika" is one of my trusted online shop for Original Branded items (perfumes & bags). 

But for me, I love her perfumes collection. Honestly, I am not a fan of perfume or perfumes. I only have one favorite perfume. Pure Seduction by Victoria Secret. One bottle I can actually lasts for a year & this is my second year (which is my second bottle) of Victoria Secret Pure Seduction. Untill I saw a perfume from my all time favourite international artist "Avril Lavigne" from her IG. I was drooling and how I wish to get my hands over it. Herika herself posted me a birthday gift a few days after my birthday which is on 26th September. I was so happy and even more when I opened up the parcel and box and I saw... "Black Star perfume by Avril Lavigne". I was actually jumped up and cried happily. ( I did cried, I was so suprised and touched). It's smells so awesome I felt like Avril already... Lols. These we're the pictures for my new fav.

The gift comes with a card.. :) 

Taraaa... Z Perfume... I super duper love it!

I love sale by Herika has a lot to offer. Now I am aiming for more perfumes collection. Avril Lavigne Forbidden Rose Gift Set, Taylor by Taylor Swift, Taylor Swift Enchanted Wonderstruck, Taylor Swift Wonderstruck, and more Victoria Secret Pure Seduction Gift Set. In wishlist!!

P/S : Thank you darling Eyka.. <3 Cause of you now I do love perfumes more and yet  to be collected...

For others to purchase you can either go to her Facebook page or Instagram. Click below link

Facebook : / I LOVE SALE by Herika
Instagram : / @ilovesalebyherika

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Cathy Doll Romantique Lip Shea Stick

Cathy Doll Romantique Lip Shea Stick are available in variety of colour. There are 5 choices which are creamsicle, magic tutti frutti, magic mint, cupcake & strawberry shortcake. Here I am going to show you 3 out of 5 Cathy Doll Romantique Lip Shea Stick. 

Cathy Doll Romantique Lip Shea Stick

From left : Strawberry Shortcake, Magic Mint, Cupcake.

 Strawberry Shortcake

Magic Mint


Colour swatched
1. Strawberry Shortcake
2. Magic Mint
3. Cupcake

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Hi, everyone.. I think you've may or may not read my previous post which are related to Cathydoll products.
This one is related post link .
So, basically this is what I am going to show you.. More details and images about the products I've received from Cathy Doll House...

These we're overall I got from Cathy Doll House

Cathy Doll 2 in 1 eyeliner & mascara. 
For the eyeliner ; It's flexible brush makes the application more smooth and easy to apply  either thick or thin line. 
For the mascara ;  It contains collagen to thickening the lashes and jojoba oil to moisturizes them.

This are Cathy Doll Romantic Lip Shea Stick in strawberry shortcake. 

Cathy Doll L-Glutathione Magic Cream. It's whitening, pore tightening with UV A/B/C Protection to your skin. Best apply on body skin. It works like yeah... "MAGIC"! My skin whitens once I applied it on my hands. This is a must have. Like really must have. Instant skin whitening.

Cathy Doll Travel Set Makeup Brush. If you're always on the go and you are a person that does need brushes to apply you make up. This is the thing you need. Comes in a cute and petite zipped case. With 5 basic small brushes. Blusher brush, eye shadow brush, blending brush, small angled brush and a lip brush to complete your makeup application..

Anyway, to purchase..please visit links given below.. Thank you~

Cathy Dolls House

Contact owner : 019-4548048