Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sophie Monk

Firstly, let me introduce you with "Sophie Monk" itself.

The slogan itself saying that "May Beauty Be With You"

So below shown are basically the product that Sophie Monk is offering...

Where to get these products in Malaysia...? Of course my favourite drugstore ever. 

So, what I use from this Sophie Monk is one of their product. The first reason I am buying is actually because of it's packaging. It look so pretty. So since I can't just bought them all because I am not sure of the product reaction. So, I just bought myself a moisturizer. Since I don't actually have one. Below are the Sophie Monk Moisturizer.

Cute right. I just fancy it soo much!

 This is the clearer picture of it's box

So, basically it's like a gel, it looks a bit pinkish but it a natural gel as we applied it to our skin.

It smells so fresh and it feels the same on my skin too.. 

I'll give this product a four and half STAR~

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