Monday, September 30, 2013

Pinch Of Salt

Introducing The Pinch Of Salt : A CARD WITH SWEET BENEFIT. It's a loyalty card that rewards you with exclusive privilege. All you have to is SIGN UP FOR FREE when you dine in any Chaswood outlets!

*click on the image will re direct you to Pinch Of Salt Website~

The privileges :

Fortune favours the loyal: introducing Pinch of Salt, our very own loyalty card that rewards you with exclusive privileges. It grants you a 10% rebate every time you dine at any of our establishments.
For example, if you spend RM100, you'll get RM10 credited to your card to spend on your next visit. Or you can accumulate your rebates and redeem it at any other time you please.
You'll also receive special offers and bonuses with the card, not to mention a RM30 birthday voucher.

The brands participated: 


At Chaswood, we have all the ingredients to suit your every taste. Be it savoury or spicy, simple or sophisticated, mild or piquant; there’ll be one to suit your ever-changing mood.

Get your card at any of brand outlets participated. Please ask their friendly staff for the application form.

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