Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week (KLFW)

Date : 22nd June 2013
Day : Saturday
Time : 3.00pm
Theme : Fashionably Chic
Venue : Center court, Pavillion Kuala Lumpur

A Fashion Show by Rico Rinaldi & Amir Luqman. I was specifically invited for Rico Rinaldi's collection for Summer Raya RTW 2013.He's a very talented young designer. Very humble down to earth..I am honoured to be invited to see his "Summeraya Collection"..It was a very beautiful collection. Especially when "Raya" is around next one month plus. So, this basically a show not to be missed. I loved all the collections for "Summeraya Collection" by Rico Rinaldi. Here some sneak peak around that "happening" event..

It's all about the combination of red,black a little splash of golds and studds to complete "me"

Let me list up for my code attire for this event ; Red Jeans from MANGO, Printed Top from H&M, Red Jacket from NICHII, Velvet Envelope clutch by CANDYCOCOLLECTION, Headband from WYCWOLFSTORE.

Partner for the day : Za Nabhan @ Rascalza

Rico Rinaldi representing "SUMMERAYA COLLECTIONS"


*sorry for the video quality. i swore the collections was totally gorgeous.. 

Some other guests invited by Rico Rinaldi.

With Sis Eja a very talented actress.. (She's so sweet..)

With pretty Fyza Kadir..

I just want to congratulate Rico Rinaldi and wishing you most success.. You are so talented and thousands of thanks for inviting me as it is an honour to see your collections which all I can say is "thumbs up!!"

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