Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Korean inspired gradient lips (picture tutorial and products review)

Korean is a wave of trends nowadays.. Even their dolly sweet looks yet natural is so adored. So, this time I am bringing you an inspired by the koreans which are their supple lips or you just can say gradient lips.How to get these looks, eventually you need to use these things.. Either a lip tint,candy tint.. It is sort of a lip and cheek coloured stain... Just like below visual :

There are two types of Obuse Tints. Lip Tints which are made from mineral / water based or Candy Tint which are basically like a lip gloss and has a bit of shimmering.. As above shown from left 
1. Obuse Lip Tint in red
2. Obuse Candy Tint in peachy
3. Obuse Lip Tint in orange
4. Obuse Candy Tint in pink.

 As above picture shown the Obuse Tints swatched on my hand is the actual colour :
1. Obuse Lip Tint in red - mineral / water based
2. Obuse Candy Tint in peachy -  glossy shimmer
3. Obuse Lip Tint in orange - mineral /  water based
4. Obuse Candy Tint in pink - glossy shimmer

These are after I wiped it using wet wipes. The colour is long lasting. It'll remain on lips though you've been eating or drinking...

So, here is how to apply them on lips. Both illustration and actual image (taken from mr.google)

Before & After

And these below pictures is how I do those korean inspired gradient lips tutorial on myself..

 Tadaaaaa....!!! So, happy trying.. Btw I got this tints from Zamaliana Shoppe. You can check out the links given below for the posts related to Zamaliana Shoppe pf what she has offered.. Hugs!

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