Monday, September 23, 2013

Cathy Doll's products

Yeay, I got more gifts. And still it is a products from Cathy Doll. Since it's quite a trend here. Let's reveal some of korean beauty secrets. CathyDoll is Originally manufactured in Karmart formulated by Korea expertise. They produce variety of skincare and cosmetics products.  So, here are the items I received "Cathy Doll House" :

These are overall I got from Cathy Doll House

L-GLUTATHIONE Magic Cream. It is for whitening, pore tightening, with UV A/B/C Protection. It is basically to create a flawless beautiful skin. No wonder those koreans looked soooo flawless.. I really should try this on. I'll update the review one I've tried it on okay lads..? 
P/S: This is a body cream not a face cream ;)

2 in 1 Cathy Doll Liquid Eyeliner & Magic Mascara
Eyeliner : It has a very thin brush to create a very thin to thick eyeliner. Also it's a flexible brush on the tip so that it is much easier to apply and draw on your eyelids. 
Mascara : Magic Mascara has a silicon tip to increase the length and thicken the eyelashes. It has collagen to thicken the eyelashes and jojoba oil to moisturize. 

Another Cathy Doll Romantique Lip Shea Lipstick to add in my collections...

Cathy Doll Romantique Lip Shea Lipstick in strawberry shortcake.
*ignore that behind blurry scene. my son was also excited to see what i've received in parcels...lols..

Last, but not least.. Cathy Doll Ready To Go Travel Makeup Brush. Yeay... Another brush set for easy travelling. But this one is so cute.. Also it has a very soft bristles... 

P/S : (yup...p/s again..haha... I'll do these items revealing and review soon..stay and keep updated okay darlings..). Anyway, to purchase..please visit links given below.. Thank you~

Cathy Dolls House

Contact owner : 019-4548048

Thank you adik sayang..akak suka giler.. lOve y0u!!!

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