Thursday, September 19, 2013

Cathy Dolls Lip Tints, Petite Tint & Romantique Lip Shea Stick - Zamaliana Shoppe

Hi, lads. How u're doing...? It's so soon since last entry post. Right...? I know, I know.. Lols~ Still, I just can't wait to share u all what I got recently.. I was actually searching for liptints. It's some sort of a trend nowaday. Those petite little bottle of assorted liptint really make me feels of trying and get myself bunch of it. I think you've heard about "Cathy Dolls" products right...? The first time I saw it I love them! The packaging is so adorable. But since I never tried it out yet. I try to find an online shop. Suggested by a friend of mine. She suggested to "Zamaliana Shoppe". I find these cute loads of liptints. I contacted her. She's so sweet. She send me some packages and see what I received. Lots of liptints and some other Cathy Dolls lip products which is Petite Tint & Lip Shea Stick~

Cathy Dolls Lip Tints

Cathy Dolls Petite Tint

Romantique Lip Shea Stick in Magic Mint

Romantique Lip Shea Stick in Cupcake

To purchase you can visit Zamaliana Shoppe through below link :

P/S : I'll do the review soon. Will update later. Stay Tuned! Btw, Dear, Zamaliana.. I love these gifts... Will cherish them.. Hugs~

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