Monday, September 30, 2013

Pinch Of Salt

Introducing The Pinch Of Salt : A CARD WITH SWEET BENEFIT. It's a loyalty card that rewards you with exclusive privilege. All you have to is SIGN UP FOR FREE when you dine in any Chaswood outlets!

*click on the image will re direct you to Pinch Of Salt Website~

The privileges :

Fortune favours the loyal: introducing Pinch of Salt, our very own loyalty card that rewards you with exclusive privileges. It grants you a 10% rebate every time you dine at any of our establishments.
For example, if you spend RM100, you'll get RM10 credited to your card to spend on your next visit. Or you can accumulate your rebates and redeem it at any other time you please.
You'll also receive special offers and bonuses with the card, not to mention a RM30 birthday voucher.

The brands participated: 


At Chaswood, we have all the ingredients to suit your every taste. Be it savoury or spicy, simple or sophisticated, mild or piquant; there’ll be one to suit your ever-changing mood.

Get your card at any of brand outlets participated. Please ask their friendly staff for the application form.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Korean inspired gradient lips (picture tutorial and products review)

Korean is a wave of trends nowadays.. Even their dolly sweet looks yet natural is so adored. So, this time I am bringing you an inspired by the koreans which are their supple lips or you just can say gradient lips.How to get these looks, eventually you need to use these things.. Either a lip tint,candy tint.. It is sort of a lip and cheek coloured stain... Just like below visual :

There are two types of Obuse Tints. Lip Tints which are made from mineral / water based or Candy Tint which are basically like a lip gloss and has a bit of shimmering.. As above shown from left 
1. Obuse Lip Tint in red
2. Obuse Candy Tint in peachy
3. Obuse Lip Tint in orange
4. Obuse Candy Tint in pink.

 As above picture shown the Obuse Tints swatched on my hand is the actual colour :
1. Obuse Lip Tint in red - mineral / water based
2. Obuse Candy Tint in peachy -  glossy shimmer
3. Obuse Lip Tint in orange - mineral /  water based
4. Obuse Candy Tint in pink - glossy shimmer

These are after I wiped it using wet wipes. The colour is long lasting. It'll remain on lips though you've been eating or drinking...

So, here is how to apply them on lips. Both illustration and actual image (taken from

Before & After

And these below pictures is how I do those korean inspired gradient lips tutorial on myself..

 Tadaaaaa....!!! So, happy trying.. Btw I got this tints from Zamaliana Shoppe. You can check out the links given below for the posts related to Zamaliana Shoppe pf what she has offered.. Hugs!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Cathy Doll's products

Yeay, I got more gifts. And still it is a products from Cathy Doll. Since it's quite a trend here. Let's reveal some of korean beauty secrets. CathyDoll is Originally manufactured in Karmart formulated by Korea expertise. They produce variety of skincare and cosmetics products.  So, here are the items I received "Cathy Doll House" :

These are overall I got from Cathy Doll House

L-GLUTATHIONE Magic Cream. It is for whitening, pore tightening, with UV A/B/C Protection. It is basically to create a flawless beautiful skin. No wonder those koreans looked soooo flawless.. I really should try this on. I'll update the review one I've tried it on okay lads..? 
P/S: This is a body cream not a face cream ;)

2 in 1 Cathy Doll Liquid Eyeliner & Magic Mascara
Eyeliner : It has a very thin brush to create a very thin to thick eyeliner. Also it's a flexible brush on the tip so that it is much easier to apply and draw on your eyelids. 
Mascara : Magic Mascara has a silicon tip to increase the length and thicken the eyelashes. It has collagen to thicken the eyelashes and jojoba oil to moisturize. 

Another Cathy Doll Romantique Lip Shea Lipstick to add in my collections...

Cathy Doll Romantique Lip Shea Lipstick in strawberry shortcake.
*ignore that behind blurry scene. my son was also excited to see what i've received in parcels...lols..

Last, but not least.. Cathy Doll Ready To Go Travel Makeup Brush. Yeay... Another brush set for easy travelling. But this one is so cute.. Also it has a very soft bristles... 

P/S : (yup...p/s again..haha... I'll do these items revealing and review soon..stay and keep updated okay darlings..). Anyway, to purchase..please visit links given below.. Thank you~

Cathy Dolls House

Contact owner : 019-4548048

Thank you adik sayang..akak suka giler.. lOve y0u!!!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

"Dari Pentas Ke Jalanan" Hijabista Magazine, October 2013 issue.

Featured in "Dari Pentas Ke Jalanan" - Fashion Street Wear. Hijabista Magazine, October 2013 issue. Page 68-71.

"Mencari Sepatu Idaman Hati" - Hijabista Magazine, October 2013 issue.

"Mencari Sepatu Idaman Hati" - Hijabista Magazine, October 2013 issue. Page 210-213.

Cathy Dolls Lip Tints, Petite Tint & Romantique Lip Shea Stick - Zamaliana Shoppe

Hi, lads. How u're doing...? It's so soon since last entry post. Right...? I know, I know.. Lols~ Still, I just can't wait to share u all what I got recently.. I was actually searching for liptints. It's some sort of a trend nowaday. Those petite little bottle of assorted liptint really make me feels of trying and get myself bunch of it. I think you've heard about "Cathy Dolls" products right...? The first time I saw it I love them! The packaging is so adorable. But since I never tried it out yet. I try to find an online shop. Suggested by a friend of mine. She suggested to "Zamaliana Shoppe". I find these cute loads of liptints. I contacted her. She's so sweet. She send me some packages and see what I received. Lots of liptints and some other Cathy Dolls lip products which is Petite Tint & Lip Shea Stick~

Cathy Dolls Lip Tints

Cathy Dolls Petite Tint

Romantique Lip Shea Stick in Magic Mint

Romantique Lip Shea Stick in Cupcake

To purchase you can visit Zamaliana Shoppe through below link :

P/S : I'll do the review soon. Will update later. Stay Tuned! Btw, Dear, Zamaliana.. I love these gifts... Will cherish them.. Hugs~

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sephora Pret-a-porter

Hi, this would be a very short blog entry description. Overall it's just some pictures of my Sephora Pret-a-porter colour collection. It is basically like a palletes sets which comes in small kits of drawers. Each drawers has one blusher,2 lip colour and 4 eyeshadow. What's best a bout this palletes drawers is you can actually choose either one of them and put it in the small travel compact which actually comes along with the sets. I love them because this is an easy-going palettes to travel and its very useful when I'm on the go. Yet, it has assorted drawers I can choose from rather than actually wearing only one combination of a drawer. So, another great investment to me. Here are the pictures of em' below. Till then~

XOXO, candy | sofea