Wednesday, September 11, 2013

May 2013 Bag Of Love

Hi,'s so soon since last posts right..?Haha.. This is because I can't wait to share with you what I've received from "bag of love" may edition..

I got two (sample size) of Calvin Klein Eternity perfumes...It's smells so good... One exclusively I think that I got is the Elizabeth Arden serum capsules...I also got a sample of Crabtree & Evelyn lavender body lotion and a handy size of somerset meadow hand care collection from them... It smells relaxing and so moisture when I applied on my hands. I really need to have it's actual size of product. Like really need it...Other things I got were Kerastase 2 packet of samples and a mini bottle of "Bain Oleo Relax". So cool... What a coincidence I was about to bought them, but I think I should give these samples a try first...Next thing is an actual size of Dove Beauty Nourishing cream bath...Yeay..another skin moisturizer...for my body of course.. It comes in a very sweet light cream satin sort of material travel bag. (Which will be my make up bag to fit in my handbag for sure. It can fit almost every makeup I need to bring when I'm going out)

That's all for now.. I really love my "Bag Of Love". Can't wait for the next edition. June edition Bag Of Love...One more thing...

Thanks Mi Mi!! Love ya.. (Btw, I swore I did the love, I didn't know it came out doesn't look like one..) lol

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