Monday, June 3, 2013


Hi, everyone. This new post updates is similar to my previous "wonderbox" which this one is also a beauty bag. But there's a lot of differences for each of these "beauty bag". So, for this post I am going to share you about "BAG OF LOVE". This website has a character, in illustration form whom also acts as the voice of the webpage..and her name is Mi Mi... So basically here at first I am going to tell you about this "BAG OF LOVE" and it's information on the subscription & etc.. (^_^)

Let me introduce you to the...

Just click at the logo image it'll lead you to the page itself. Or you can continue reading here too!!

Okay..let's see where to start. How about if I start about the bag's subscription.

It's only for as low as RM39.90/month subscription. So, affordable.

Now,next thing is about the bag and products participated.

*There are more products than these actually. ;)

These are the character illustration of Mi Mi. So...cute de.." Zhen de hen ke ai" 

So,why wait. Subscribe it!! Don't wait. It'll deliver just right in front of your doorstep.

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