Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Media Hiburan

So, this time I was featured in a magazine called "Media Hiburan" . Ahhh.. not in the artists articles..nope a Make Over column.. (jangan loghat naaa..jangan hang dok tunggu ceq ada sensasi2 dengan artis naa..,ceq kawin dah anak soghang lagih..hagok2.. p/s : berasa dirini macam joyah jap..lalaalala) So,it's a good thing to me as for I don't really good in make up .. (though i really love make upssss). This is one of the way I can actually adapt for my looks in any events... So,thanks Media Hiburan...for the opportunity...

The MakeOver column

The edition's cover (1st - 7th June 2013)

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