Sunday, December 30, 2012

Coming Soon

A few hours to next year..which is 2013..Every year is always a new starter..Early this year (1.1.2012) I wasn't even yet a wife and a mom.. I was a daughter, a sister, a lover, a friend.. Not more than that.. But coming 2013 (1.1.2013).. I was already a wife, a mom.. Future ahead is so much more to go.. So much more to explore.. And so much more need to be improved.. I was always thinking.. My upbringing is a bless...  A breath in this world within another next second is a gifts... Loved ones is my spirit to moving forward towards this life... A past is always a past.. But it never been forgotten.. The good ones is to keep, the bad one is a lesson not to be repeated again...

my charm spirit

#taylor swift - mean (inspiration)"

Sunday, December 9, 2012


 Ni masa baru kua hospital..Belum 1 minggu lagi..Da icap jari

Ni masa dalam tempoh pantang ibu dia..
Ni last picture mase ade rambut lagi... haha
 Ni dah botaks... :p
Ni kje papa dia... Masa nak cari bucket seat.. Comfy (Harganya pun COMFY)
 Baru kua spital time niey... Kecik je..

Ni lah picture buah hati saya... My little hero... From the first day till now ~
#from 3.5kg-5.8kg..(in during two months..waaa..lenguh ibu dia..haha..ta pela..asalkan sihat ye anak ibu..)