Saturday, October 20, 2012

How to handle stress and depression~

How to handle STRESS

There’s a lot of ways to handle stress. Well that depends on the person themselves. How they choose on handling it. Well to me... there’s quite lots of thing I’d do on handling it. As you can see from the picture above {which I actually drew it, but since I have no scanner at home I decide on taking the picture through camera. So, that’s the quality get (^_^)”}. Usually lots of people will choose the first option from my picture… 

>> Listen to music <<

. Well, to be honest it is the most things that actually worked out to me. Most of the people out there totally agree with me on that. My second option is…

>> Laugh <<

Laugh as much as you can {when it’s a funny moment or happy moment, don’t go and laugh for no reason or not people might think you’re crazy (>.<). So please do laugh when it’s the right time and place}. For your information laughing is the best therapy to handle stress {which I read in articles for mind & soul medication}. The conclusion here is… to be happy most of the time. Try not to think all matters which will lead you to depression. Third option,

>> Shopping <<

Well, this option usually works on womens /girls {of course it worked out on me!! Haha}. Still, there are also mens out there will choose these option when looks and style are important to them. Shopping is one of the way to release stress, but note to take… If it’s over budget or out of budget shopping might lead you to more depression.
Fourth option on handling stress is… 

>> Surfing <<

Not board surfing, internet surfing. Nowadays people like to be an addict to internet surfing. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, BLOGGING & more. To me, I’ll choose blogging for my top 1st option on internet surfing. Because to me, blogging helps me sharing stories & etc. It also let me be inspired by other bloggers stories out there. So, internet surfing does do the trick on handling stress {well, so far it worked out on me}. Fifth and also the lastly,

>> Eat & Drink <<

I think this option is also one of the ways that lots of people out there would choose on handling their depression. I do that most all the time even though I didn’t actually realize I do that. I eat frequently every time I’m depressed. Well, most of womens and girls would choose on eating ice-cream. Lots pints of ice-cream… That depends. But, you can also hang-out with your best friends. Having tea time and chat. To me, I’ll having those chatting and tea time with my mom, my hubby, my besties & soon with my little toddler {which is one months old for now}. It helps me on handling those disturbing stress and depression.

Here, there's a lot of more ways out there that can help you handling those depression and stress in a good way. Rather than you making decisions that'll leads you to more worse situation. Choose wisely and think the consequences in each option you choose either it is a good or bad choice. That's all for now. Daaaa~ Till then..


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