Thursday, September 20, 2012

I'm Back!! :)

Hye to all, It has been quite long time saya tak update blog ni..and it has been much things going on...too much..I don't know where to start...I think I should start by telling...I am married..early this year..early Jan...hahaha...Macam tak sangka...Oleh sebab terlalu sibuk dengan persiapan hingga hari majlis hingga sekarang life as a wife..Blog tersayang ni terpaksa di "silent" kan..So untuk entry kali ni...I want to give some sneak peak pictures during my wedding ceremony..Majlis akad nikah adalah pada malam 21 Jan 2012  = 21/01/12. Majlis resepsi on my side is the next day..22 Jan 2012..Meanwhile the groom's wedding reception is on 10th March 2012.

These are some pictures. Enjoy and love you all readers..XOXO

Akad Nikah > 21/01/2012

My Reception 22/01/2012

Groom's Reception 10/3/2012

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