Tuesday, June 21, 2011

saya sgt bhgia dgn awk..
awk na twu knpe..?
sy rs awk dh twu pn..hihi..
tp sy ttp akn bgtwu lg..

sy syg awk sbb awk syg sy..
sy syg awk sbb awk memahami sy..
sy syg awk sbb awk terima sy ape adanya..baik buruk,kekurngn & klmhn sy..
sy syg awk sbb awk ikhlas mlyn karenah sy yg mcm2 ni..
sy syg awk sbb awk awk buat sy rs bhgia..
sy syg awk sbb awk pndai buat sy tersenyum,ketawa & tersipu malu..(blushing)
sy syg awk sbb awk jd diri awk sndri setiap kali dgn sy..tiada kepura-puraan..
sy syg awk sbb awk sntiasa jujur dgn sy..
sy syg awk sbb awk satu2 nye yg sy rs syg lebih dr yg sblmnya..
sy syg awk sbb awk sglanya buat sy..

sy ad byk sbb knpe sy syg awk..more than u can ever imagine..cuz ur my world,my life,my soul..my everything..love for u.. (^_^)

awak!! sy syg awk sgt2...sy na awk tawu sy syg awk smpai bile2..for eternity..u'll always b in my heart..

"love forever"
{i love u the way u are..
i love everything bout u..}

Love Me

>> ♥
if u love me less..while i love u more..,
it hurts so much..it kills me..
burns n crash..lifeless i felt..
can't imagine if u not by my side anymore..
cuz u r everything to me..
my life,my world,my soul,my everything..

Never Let You Go

They say that hate has been sent
so let loose the talk of love
before they outlaw the kiss
baby, give me one last hug

There's a dream
that I've been chasin
want so badly for it
to be reality

And when you hold my hand
and I understand that it's meant to be

Cuz Baby when your with me
it's like an angel came by,
and took me to heaven
cuz when i stare in your eyes
it couldn't be better

let the music blast
we gon` do our dance
raise the doubters on
they dont matter at all
cuz this life's too long
and this love's to strong
so baby know for sure
that i'll never let you go

I'll never let u go..

Monday, June 20, 2011



If i could have just one wish..
I would wish to wake up everyday..
To the sound of your breath in my neck..
The warmth of your lips in mine..
The touch of your finger on my skin..
And feel your heart beating with mine..
Knowing that i could never find that feeling..
With anyone other than you..
Your the only one i would want for u to embrace me in your arm..
The only one i would linger around..
As long as you are in my life..